"Timespotting makes it easy for me as a coach to follow the progress, and give feedback to my athletes" -- Kay-Arild Paulsen, head coach of swimming at the Norwegian Collage of Elite Sport (NTG), Tromsø

What ...

  • Training diary — that will show how much you are training
  • Training reports — for each week, month and year
  • Training plans — online planning tool for coaches
  • Import — data from Garmin and Polar heartrate monitors
  • iPhone App — add or record your training using our iPhone App. Online or offline

Why ...

  • Fun — and easy to use
  • Social — share activities. See how much your friends are training
  • Modern — no more Excel ® spreadsheets
  • Free -- yes, basic membership is free!


How-to signup with Timespotting?

Everybody can use Timespotting and it's free to sign up.

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Calendar & Training diary

  • Shows the exercises you have done or planned.
  • Exercises are coloured after how hard they were.
  • Weekly summary of the numbers of exercises, hours and meters.

Personal Home Page

  • Every user has a personal home page.
  • Displays basic statistics for training volume and sports.
  • Lists all your coaches.
  • Visit the profile of others and see how much they are training.

Training Reports

  • We know you love your statistics.
  • Show week, month or year views.
  • Get pie charts of your sports.
  • Get information on how much you train in each heartrate zone.
  • Flash free iPhone/iPad friendly charts.

Heart Rate Monitors & GPS Trails

  • Import files from Garmin and Polar.
  • Shows track profiles with altitude and pulse zones.
  • Trail colour on map matches pulse zone.
  • Zoom for details.

Team Calendar & Training plans

  • Shows the team exercises you as a coach have planned.
  • Add events for team happenings, competitions, social events, training camps, ...
  • Team athletes get all planned exercises and events in their own calendar.
  • Add periodization for Macro, Meso and Micro cyles or organize it any other way you prefer.

Heartrate Zones

  • Calculates your heart rate zones.
  • Estimates your max heart rate.
  • Set your own zones, or automatically based on methods from Norwegian Olympic Development Program, Karvonen, Zoladz, or Polar.
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