When will Timespotting be available for other languages Timespotting can easily be translated to other languages. Contact us if you want to help translating Timespotting.
How often do you backup the data? The Timespotting performs daily backups of all your data and stores those backups for ten days.
Can I link my existing account to Facebook? Yes, go to linked accounts on the Home page.
I have two (or more) accounts. One normal account and one Facebook account. Can I merge them? Yes, send an email to Give the user names of the accounts, and which account you want to keep using
Some pages looks weird when using Internet Explorer Try with a different web browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera.
Do teams have to be connected to a Facebook page or group? Timespotting is a Facebook application. We recommend that the teams are connected to a Facebook group or page. It's also very easy to create new Facebook groups
How do I delete my account? To delete your account, go to Delete Account in the Home tab
I cannot login? To use Timespotting, your web browser must be set to accept 3rd Party Cookies. The reason for this is that your web browser needs to be identified by both Facebook and Timespotting at the same time. If you don't want to do this, you can still use Timespotting at, and log in using the "Facebook Connect" button, or by using a "normal" account
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